While Millennials are indeed a strong force in consumer market, did you know there is another rising consumer group called, Midorexics?

In its Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2017 report, Euromonitor International defines Midorexia consumers as follows:

Midorexia is a tongue-in-cheek label for the middle-aged and older consumer who acts younger than their years. However, this label highlights the shifting status and expectations of a demographic whose members are living and working for longer and prioritizing wellness while challenging the typical age-appropriate behaviour of older people. These consumers are transforming what it means to be older in terms of lifestyle and are more demanding in their consumption needs, creating what is increasingly referred to as the “Longevity economy”.

Because Midorexics defy ageing and live their days proving they can keep up with younger generations, they are also tech-savvy, active, and can be influential on social media. Look at the Instagram feeds of Gretchen Barretto, Alice Dixson, and Ina Raymundo (among others) — they all flaunt their youthful skin, fit bodies, healthy choices, and on-trend outfits. Heck, both 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds wish to be like them when they turn 40!

In fact, even retail pharmacies experience this demand shift – the usual maintenance prescriptions availed by this age group has changed to wellness and weight loss supplements like MX3, ATC Squalene, Yaki, etc. Likewise, food and beverage industries have responded as they increase healthier offerings for the conscious Midorexics.

Indeed, Midorexics are a force to reckon with, having the means and willingness to “invest” in youth and wellness. But make no mistake, their experience and wisdom give them confidence to demand the highest standards in delivery and customer service.

Small and medium businesses can expand their business by ensuring they respond quickly and successfully to Midorexics. By knowing who they are, where they are, and how they behave, selling point triggers can be identified and real opportunities are always maximized.

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