The market is becoming a forum for conversation and interactions between consumer and consumer communities.  This increased access, transparency, and understanding of risk-benefits are making customers more informed, empowered, and active.

Today, one-size-fits-all strategy is rapidly becoming old-fashioned as customers start to expect customized services and tailored recommendations.

There are many ways to personalize customer experiences, though you don’t have to try all of them.  In fact, you can start with the data you already have to see what works and what doesn’t.

Below are tips to get you started:

KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS.  Simply using a customer’s name can bring you places.  After all, a person’s name is the sweetest sound.

KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT.  Use existing data to know customer interests and needs and identify market gaps and opportunities.

TARGETED MARKETING.  Provide relevant content marketing to not risk annoying customers with ads (text blast or emails) they don’t want to see.

CUSTOMER PROFILING.  For instance, millennials are more open-minded with personalized products and services than older customers who may think their privacy is violated.

STREAMLINE PROCESSES.  From initial inquiry to after-sales support, eliminate unnecessary delays, confusing information, and pointless red tapes.

DON’T BE CREEPY.  When interacting with customers, don’t use specific or private customer information (age, address, or family members found in social media) that can make them feel uncomfortable.

BE TRANSPARENT.  When gathering customer data, make sure to be clear with customers what you are collecting, how you will use it, and whether you will share it with others.

CUSTOMER VOICE.  Allow your customers to interact with your organization.  Listening to customers is crucial to a company’s ability to compete on customer experience.  Information from customer feedback can be used to take action and monitor company performance over time.  If you don’t understand the perceptions of your customers or how they experience interactions with your company, it’s nearly impossible to regularly meet, much less exceed, customer expectations and personalize customer experience.

With all these available customer data at your fingertips, the next step is to extract valuable insights that can only be enabled by analytics.

rapid insights zone

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