Retail must move with the speed of market changes, or be out of business.  This speed is accelerated by new technologies and by users (consumers) who use it the most – millennials.

Millennials came of age during the time of disruptions triggered by new technology and globalization.  Hence, this young generation is more tech savvy and more knowledgeable.

Millennials grew up and matured with mobile technology and use it constantly in every aspect of their life.  They turn to their smartphones to do online research and learning, use social media, chat with friends and meet their personal needs — whether it be getting their ride via Uber, ordering their meal via Food Panda, buying their clothing and household items via Zalora and Lazada, and booking their budget trips online and accommodations via AirBnb.

Millennials are addicted to and hooked into their devices. Technology is how they get things done and how they make things happen.

The convenience of the mobile device is supreme to them.  But this young generation also values traditional experiences – great customer service!

Just like everyone else, millennials want a customer-centric experience in which they feel wanted and valued. Be it in-store or online, showing interest in them will certainly create ongoing loyalty.  They seek customer service professionals who understand their preferences and make recommendations tailored to their specific needs.

Mind you, millennials will share their experiences over the brand or product including their overall retail interaction.  They utilize social media in real time, posting photos of their whereabouts and purchases, affording retailers instant social media exposure – good or otherwise.

Millennials will continue to use technology, and expect all to adapt them quickly.

TRANSPARENCY.  A word of advice. Millennials love transparent organizations. Authentic voice is what all people, millennials especially, are looking for.

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How can we help? If you are scouting for systems that will help you achieve real benefits, don’t just assess and validate the systems operational features. Look for other e-enablement e.g., intelligent process automation and management controls. More importantly, seek the background and kinds of people behind the development and delivery of the systems. We offer PREMIUM but affordable retail management solutions and professional services suitable to your requirements. Contact us for assistance.

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