The concept of cloud has long been prevalent. With so many businesses moving to cloud, it has been proven and hailed as key enabler to transformative change in any organization.

Cloud is, simply put – practical. Small businesses gain access to the best technologies without having to spend on huge upfront investments and maintenance costs. It also enables enhanced productivity as collaborative work can be done anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

Still, many small to medium businesses in the Philippines find this cloud-shift as daunting and even unnecessary. Among the most common concerns are security risk and slow internet connectivity. Let us help break these barriers for you:

Security risk

While strong security is one of the main advantages of cloud, many Filipino business owners still raise this as their top concern. The visible PC (or laptop) gives a sense of physical control and consequently, a false sense of security. However, when data in those computers are gone — whether through theft, physical damage, or data corruption — they are gone forever.

With cloud, you can be assured that your data is locked safe in a virtual server environment managed by highly-qualified experts.

Slow internet connectivity

With the Philippines having the slowest internet speed in the world (!), it is tough to imagine businesses having to rely on cloud solutions to run information systems – after all, cloud = internet.

Albeit the government has reported on trying to improve internet performance at the soonest possible time, we are still way behind. Thankfully, a lot of cloud-based solutions allow:

  • Offline mode so applications continue to operate while waiting for connectivity to resume, and
  • Piecemeal sending and receiving of data so congestion is kept at a minimum.

Truly, we need to inspire significant shifts in the mindset of SMEs and entrepreneurs so they can trust cloud and finally unleash their best potential.

rapid insights zone

How can we help? Our PREMIUM retail management solutions and professional services offerings are cloud-based, making them accessible to all business types and sizes. These solutions and services pay for themselves – many times over. Contact us to know more about these services.

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